Class 302 Assignment One

In the book, Body Dressing, discussed very interesting facts and concepts of how clothing effects people ways that people are not even consciously aware of such as how clothes can represent one’s culture, class, sexuality, age, and identity. The way people dress have been changed a lot since the Enlightenment in the late 18th century. The style of the wardrobe has become very causal in the 20th century than comparing to the 18th century. According to costumes bydusty, ” Marked by powdered wigs and sumptuous clothing, the Enlightenment is beautiful and fun.  Ladies’ clothes are marked by colorful gowns of brocades and silks with wide hipped hoops under the skirts and tall ornamented wigs.  Lavishly trimmed in metallics and accessorized with chokers and gloves, clothes from this period are easily the richest in history.”   In the Enlightenment period wealthier people were more layers of clothing with silk, and very nice embellishments. On the other hand, the lower class and peasants were very sample garments because is easier for them to move to do chores and work. It was very easy to distinguish the rich and the poor based on the garments.

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One debeating  question is weather clothing is a luxury or human need?  While we need clothing for protection and warmth. Then why do people spend so much money on brand name clothings? Clothing is also a luxury for the wealthier people to show off their status and class because not everyone can afford to buy a Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt, Louis vuitton Scarf. The way people dress also gives themselves an identity. Some cultures dress more conservertive and some shows off more skins. Thus, if one day we are all given the same exact clothes for everyone, how will we identify and distinguish ourselves from others? If the society is equal and no one is wealthier than the other, would the way we dress matters that much anymore? People are very conscious of their apperance and always want to present the best side of themselves then If the style of the clothes are the same for men and women would people still care so much about their apperances than before?

How would it be if today we do not have brand name clothing such as Chanel, Hermes and etc. If we only had good quality fabrics such as expensive silk and fur to make fashion and stylish clothes out of it, how will the fashion be as of today? How would it affect the way we live?


Clothing is big part of daily live because everyday we wake up we pick out clothes to wear for the day, for students it will be something causual and comfortable. For people of professions will choose the right attire to present their professionalism. So othe way we judge people a lot of times comes with how people look. If someone looks clean and put together we will get a better impression of them as someone that is reponsible than someone that is dressed all dirty and messy.

Clothing can also seeparte us from our age group from babies, teens, adults and seniors all wear different type of clothes. Because that is what society consider what is appropriate for each other age group. Thus clothing is also being unconsicouly restricted because we always have to know what is approiate to where depending on the occusion.

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  1. Prof Lung says:

    images are so cheesy and look like they are from costume catalogs. You can do better.

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