Art 302 assignment #2 The Dressed Body

In chapter one the books talks about clothing embellishes the body, it is true that we accessorizes ourselves with clothing to make us look better and more presentable to certain occasion. For example if one is attending a wedding ceremony she will wear a nice cocktail or evening dress. Nothing too fancy or stand out because morally speaking one cannot steal the thunder from the bride. For a long time brides is always portrait to wear the tradition white wedding dress because this was consider socially and culturally acceptable for a wedding. But recently the traditional of wearing white wedding gown have shift a little bit.


One of the most famous wedding dress Vera Wang has brought wedding dress to a new face. According to, Vera Wang’s spring 2013 bridal collection is red. The designer is inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding with the luxurious red and burgandy with ruffle, sheer, innovative corset silhouette and rose-tulled skirt detail. So Vera Wang have brought wedding dresses to the next level of not just designing the traditional white dress but instead throughout her bridal collections there are other colors; yellow, pink, red and black.


In chapter one there’s a quote I thought was pretty interesting states, “dress is fundamental to micro social order and the exposure of naked flesh is at least, disruptive of that order.” In a developed society we cannot run around naked because that is socially not acceptable. This brings out to the nude beach in the U.K. how is that socially acceptable? Is it cause is a different country than US? US do not have nude beach where everyone have to be naked.

What about Lady Gaga is her attire entirely appropriate to be broadcast on television wearing extravagant outfits such as the one below? Is her outfit too showy and inappropriate? Or because she is a celebrity and a performer is ok for her to be wearing this? What if a student walk into a class dressed like that? What it be inappropriate?


4 Images are all from Google

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  1. Prof Lung says:

    correction chapt 2 – assignment 2

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