Art 204 assignment 1

For this project we had to making our own size 8 bodice on pattern paper, drafting our own pattern was difficult at first but as long as your follow and understand the directions thats telling then is not that hard.

After making the pattern on paper we had to walk, ease and add seam allowance on it. After that we trace n cut out the fabric, I had a lot of problems tracing and cutting out the fabric because at first I held to the fabric to hard so it made the fabric drag, n I couldn’t get the chalk to mark the fabric in a straight line because I was pressing down to hard. After I realized what I did wrong then I corrected.

The last part was sewing the fabrics together, I’m not really good at sewing. So is not as neat as it could be. The sleeve part was the hardest part because it doesn’t fit into the sleeve hole so we have to make it fit. Sewing on the sleeves were the hardest, because I had trouble pin it and figuring out with side goes to which side. Eunice was really nice and helped me out when I needed.

So I would say the most difficult part was the pattern, and sewing the sleeve on. I’m glad is over and I got the hang of it, so hopefully I improve my sewing skills over time.

Flat Pattern:
1. Back 2. Front



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