Art 302 Minding Apperance

“The idea that appearance is not merely an image, but also a process, is fundamental to symbolic interaction, which emphasizes the importance of self-reflexivity (Cooley 1902. Stone 1962)”. I wanted point out this quote because I think this statement is very true about how appearance is not just an image but also a process. Appearance changes through time, from we are first born, toddler, children, teenage, and adult. We are constantly changing everyday as we age, our appearance, the way we think, the way we dress, and everything changes through a process. How I am today in two years when I am 24 the way I dress and think, the things I like and dislike will be totally different. So is fashion, fashion is constantly changing every season.  Thus, our daily lives, fashion, lifestyle and appearance also look different. So how will we even define who we are if our fashion is changes every couple month? Flats have been popular for a while now but this season they have changed into another level of adding studs on flats, heels and etc. I feel like this season rock and punk style in influencing in alot of the designs


   Image                                                 Image      Image

Susan Kaiser also mentioned that fashion helps individual adapt to rapid changing of the world, everyday appearance style may signify hope, but also a space for expression or voice. As human being we like to think that we are important and want people to notice us. In the fashion industry one way of doing so is to be stylish and be up to date with fashion, go along with the changes of the industry. If a person is always changing their style because of what is the fashion norm, is that really who they are or who they trying to be? Style is a space to express oneself but for people that have all sort of style of clothing then how would they define their style? Can you be a person with many different style or would you limit yourself to dress just in one particular? I think is funny that I actually ask these question because I personally cannot really define my own style or identity by the way I dress. I like to wear dresses I do own a lot. All the clothing and apparel I have are all different style. Sometimes I like to dress up look pretty, sometimes I look so sloppy, other times I just wear whatever I feel comfortable So usually when I buy clothes I just buy whatever I like or thinks it look good on me but I don’t even know which category I would put myself in. I would think the only way I can describe my style would be I like to dress according to my mood.

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    images? links?

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    oh, now i see them

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