Masquerade ball is social gathering events which guests are require to wear the appropriate attire of a costume and a mask.

According to Audrey Star Josefek, who wrote the article, “the Masquerade Ball: what is it, and from where does it come? It states, “masquerade comes from the French word masque, meaning [mask]. Developed in an ancient part of France in the late middle ages, it was made most popular during the 16th and 17th centuries in England. 
A masque was a festive entertainment existing mostly in the rich aristocratic courts, though there was a public version (called a pageant). There was music and dancing, singing and acting, and stages were elaborate and over-done. Usually professionals were used, wearing masks, and the whole thing was a great amusement to all… and in the end, the players would take off their masks, revealing their identities.” So the purpose of the masquerade ball is a social event for the rich to gather and enjoy their time. Masks were used to conceal the identity of the wearer during the balls so no one know who they were dancing with, is almost like a game of guess who where people tried to guess the identities of the others.

The purpose of the masquerade is to hide behind the mask and conceal one’s identity in a fabulous fashionable way. At this event you can wear anything you want and be whoever you want and no one will know who is the person behind the mask until he or she decides to take it off. As human being we don’t like been see through meaning for people to look at us and see right through us because if they do they will see how weak and vulnerable we are. The mask is a way to be hidden and build a barrier to protect us.

The masquerade is still pretty popular in the fashion industry but the feel and style changed from in the 18th century to now, is used to be a social gathering event but now is use for fashion shows, performing art shows; theater, operas, movies. It is now used and seemed as a tool to promote shows and performance than for personal enjoyment as it was in the 18th century.

I would really want to attend a masquerade event because I can dress all fancy in a costume with a mask and just go have fun and is fun when people don’t know who’s underneath the mask


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  1. Prof Lung says:

    I think the reading is talking more about the parties, maybe more investigation is needed.

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