Art 302 Observation of Dress Attire

Sunday October 7, 2012.

Self directed observation Location: The Grove

I choose the Grove to observe because I think is a very diversity hotspot for everyone to go during the weekends. There were people from all different age groups and ethnicity. As I was standing outside of the Apple Store I was looking at people passing by and observed how people were dressed. Most the attire for the older crowds, ages 30-50 were dressed very casual, and comfy. Because I would say most of older adults like to be comfortable walking around and shopping. But there is one group of middle age male adult I would guess they are about 40-50 that caught my eyes. There were standing right in front of me and they were pretty stylish, and preppy. So I took a glance at them, they looked pretty good for their age, so I was standing about 5 feet away from them and overheard they were introducing each other’s boyfriend to the other friends so then I thought oh no wonder these guys are stylish, cause they are gay. I am not being judgmental but a lot of gay men are very stylish because they really care about their appearance.

There were also a younger crowd aging from 16-24, their wardrobe are trendy. One girl was wearing what is popular this season a high low dress.

There were three other girls that are wearing pants; both are variation of pink color pants. I liked how the age groups were totally different. One of the girl that’s wearing a little darker pink color pants looks like she’s 16 and the other lady looks like she’s about 24. So I feel like fashion can be ranged and fit for all age groups, because as long the person wearing it likes their wardrobe and think they look good in it then I think that’s all it matter.

Another image I took was these two guys that I thought have a very unique style. They dressed kind of like a skater/punk. They have on baggy pants with a chain and one of the guys has a slick back tie pony tail.

There was also this African American lady she totally caught a lot of people’s attention as she was walking around at the grove. She had on this white with pattern pants suits, and a purse that looks like is for a 10 year old boy’s lunch box and she had these long braids that’s almost to her knee. I wish I had taken a picture of her. I was busy analyzing and just looking at how she’s dressed.

Overall, I learned in my observation that everyone has a unique style, from causal, fun, classy, and different. As long as the person that’s wear the clothes feels good and comfortable then that’s all they need. One’s person style and sense of fashion does not need the approval of others because that’s their identity and who they are.

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