Self Performing

In this chapter the books talks about how the nobles dressed in their most elaborate attire to have their portraits painted, this is similar to costumes they are worn in daily life by actors on stage. So this serves as a clue of behavioral relationship between acting in real life and in the theatre.
During the Elizabeth I period, many of our evidence we have today of that era of how they lived their lives and wardrobe comes from painting. The royals, upper class most of them have their portraits painted wearing extravagant outfits with fancy accessories and embroidery on their clothing. Although these people are not actors or actress in a way they are still acting because they are told to sit in a certain way and a certain expression and from that artist will draw what they see of the sitter and paint them.
What used to be considered everyday attire is now seen as costume that actors only wear during a play or movie. Although those clothing and wardrobe are very fancy and well put together I cannot imagine having to wear layers and layers of clothing; it will be so uncomfortable and so hard to move. These remind me of Chinese history of how the emperor and the royals will also wear extravagant clothing during the dynasty periods and they are also painted by an artist. These clothing is also what royal Chinese were everyday and is now seen as costumes as well. Mainly because now a days no one wears those type of clothing that’s why is can only be used as costumes for plays and movies. Costumes are very important to still have this type of wardrobe and attire passing on because it reflects part of history, heritage, culture who we are, and where we came from.

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  1. madeatcsula says:

    but don’t we still perform?

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