Art 302 Manliness

Who say men are not into fashion, according to this book is proven that even men in the 18th century care a lot about their image. It says men would change 3 times during the day. From comfy, to causal, clothing to do chores in and clothes to look clean and go out. In the late 18 century men’s clothing began to change. Shifting from costume style clothing to more simple and casual wear to suits, and tuxedos. During this time they figure out a way to produce men clothing through of a common sizing instead of custom fitting clothing that is done by tailors. The problem they encounter is that even though they came out with a good device to produce it as a larger scale not everything was fitting right because everyone’s body structure is built differently. So if someone purchase something and it didn’t fit the way they wanted they would take it to a tailor and fix a little bit here and there. Although the invention of producing sizes for amounts of people is not easy but they came out with a mathematical cutting strategy for men’s body and obviously men are different in height, and weight. Thus that was one of the problem they ran into because during that time people still wear clothes that are more form fitting than now a days. Men now a days wear t-shirt, baggy jeans. I would say I have no idea when it comes to men’s clothing, I never bought a collar shirt or jeans for any guy before. But one thing I am sure is that although we were a lot of casual garments than before the goods sold at retail stores of the standard size; small, medium, large comes way more closer to our real size and form fitting than in the 18th century.

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