Art 302 Single Girls 1960s

In the 1960s which was the second wave of feminism; feminine ideal: young, single, economically self-sufficient. Fashion photography was the norm to express during this period for single girl. During this period is when women started to go to college, look for job instead of being housewives and became independent support themselves rather than rely on men.

During this period not a lot of women can afford haute couture or expensive wardrobe thus the fashion magazine would create “the look” to advertise whereas the girl being photographed looks perfect with a well put together wardrobe, hair done, accessories and is a active women.

In the conclusion of this chapter talked about the difference between the feminine body and consumerism states. It refers that feminine body is when one wears and owns the wardrobe and see it as a new form of domination. As for consumerism, is just purchasing a garment, for example if a lady buys a plain sweat pant, is comfortable, and keeps her warm. Then her reason of purchase is to be comfortable not to look fashionable or attractive.

After reading all these chapters, it makes me question. Why do people care so much about their wardrobe and how they look? In the previous chapter it talked about how clothing was first meant for protection, keep us warm. But as the world began to develop and advance we have all these privilege to accessories ourselves to become someone that we identify with. There are people that would say they express their identity through the way they dress, so without clothing how would one express themselves? I never knew garments have so much history and meaning behind it, it just never occur to me to ever thought about it.

The apparel industry makes the most money I would say in this world other than food, because everyone has to wear clothing, but I feel like in our society clothing, wardrobe lost its cultural meaning because of our mass production of garments, and most of us wears so casual than comparing to the 18th century.

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  1. madeatcsula says:

    solid response, considering past readings etc.

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