Art 302 McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a very interesting man, that designed clothing that is very different from other designs. His works portraits, romance, violence, sex and very aggressive. Thus, I want to find out what inspire him to make these designs. He was born in March 16, 1969 , his father was a cab driver, mom a teacher, and five siblings. His first line is a theme of taxi driver. I believe this is related to his dad, because he’s dad is a cab driver. After reading some of the biography of McQueen, it is obvious he is a radical person who wants to be different from anyone else. It feels like he gets inspire because of the rural events he’s seen and occur on him. Although he is homosexual, he is very much concern about the disadvantage of women. Where through he’s Highland Rape collection, many of his design were so harsh to watch. He was born in a working class thus, he have witness many of harsh things in live that’s why he was inspire to create violence and to make women look strong. In the book states, “Allying glamour with fear rather than allure McQueen’s avowed intent was to create a woman who looks so fabulous you wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her.” The reason is one of his sister had been a victim of domestic violence. So a lot of McQueen’s work is structural, fabulously glamour but very strong, where it not only brings out the feminine side but also the masculine side.

Taxi Driver Collection

Highland Rape Collection

Romance & Glamour

Interesting Piece

From my understand it seemed like McQueen had a very tough life and through his designs he got his freedom to express his opinion of inequality, sexuality, love, violence, dark, glamour and bold. All these elements put in one it just magically fit together.

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