ART 302 Dress, Gender and the public of display skin

Why must women have to dress to attract man’s admiration? It seems clothing now a days are created in everyway for men. Example clothing that are so form fitted, that you can pretty see how the woman look like when she is undressed. Why did society slowly became to how we use to dress so conservative to now of what I consider pretty showy. Even though in the 18th century both men and women wears layers of clothing, women in the western culture still wore corsets which enhance their waist and breasts. And ancient Indians that wore basically nothing, women in the tribes only wear bottom and their top is completely naked.

Historically, women was always betrayed as sex symbols, thus I don’t think is shocking that most of women clothing are dress to please the eyes of men. Men are always seemed as superior, even though now we have a lot of feminist, where women wants to be equal to men, but there no way that men and women can be simply equal. There are a lot of traits and psychological differences that cannot be equal.

I personally think having that glass house shaped body is a very nice trait to have. And one is allowed to show how amazing their body is. Of course of those who are just structurally built differently, they don’t look like those typical magazine models and etc, they need to embrace their own beauty. When it comes to size and aging, when people are in 30 or in your 40s not much people would care if they look like models anymore because there are other things that are more important to worry about.

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