Final project 204

For the final project our assignment is to go to the Fowler exhibit to observe and see the artist collection. What caught my eye is the skeleton that is wearing a hat and cape.

So I decided to interpreted that into my own design, so we were ask for 5-7 sketches and above are my sketches.
Out if all my design I wanted to the dolman sleeve dress with a hoodie. But I did not realize that I had to put a zipper on the dress otherwise it would fit. So that kinda ruined my design of of the good because dolman sleeves are already baggy enough I didn’t think it would look good with a hood.

I got my fabrics at downtown, I was pretty set with using black as my themes color and I wanted this silky fabric. So I ended finding a black silky fabric which is really smooth, and a nude color acetate and lace.

The process of cutting the silky fabric was horrible, it runs and so hard to sew. But overall I enjoyed taking this class and doing this final piece but I got to draft my own patter. If I could do it over again, I would just a better design and more of a vibrant color because I think my dress is not catchy. Maybe if I get a chance I would design something more out there than playing safe.














Artist statement

My garment “half naked” is ispired by the image above. I used a black silky fabric as the main color, I incorporated the center-front with nude color lace along with a purple 20 inch zipper on the back.



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2 Responses to Final project 204

  1. Prof Lung says:

    Mei, the name of the Museum is Fowler.

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